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Text banking help

Text banking supports the following commands. (Note: the commands are not case-sensitive.) Texting uses your wireless phone’s texting capabilities. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Check with your mobile service provider for fees and charges.

bal – Returns the balance on your primary checking or savings account.

When you create short nicknames for text banking, you can use them with the balance command to find the balance of any account such as:
bal <nickname>. For example, if you gave a nickname to your checking account as chk, you could text bal chk.

bal all-
Returns the available balance of all your accounts.

hist – Returns the history with the last five transactions of your primary account. Nicknames can be applied to the command as hist <nickname>. For example, if you gave a nickname of chk to your checking account, you could use hist chk.

more – The more command is used with the hist command. When you text hist, it returns the last five transactions. To get the next five transactions, simply text more. Texting more repeatedly will return transactions until there aren’t any more available.

nick – Returns a list of all your account nicknames.

help – Returns a list of all commands.

stop – Unsubscribes the phone from text banking.

Video Banking

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