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Member conduct, limitation of services, and expulsion


The credit union is dedicated to providing safe and professional work spaces, with helpful and knowledgeable staff, in which to provide financial services. The credit union is equally dedicated to providing its employees with a safe and harassment-free work environment.

The credit union, at its sole discretion, may take such actions necessary to protect the credit union, staff (including their families), and other individuals on the credit union’s property. This may include, but is not limited to, requiring that the offending individual immediately leave the premises, summoning police for assistance, banning individuals from any credit union premises, and/or denial of credit union services up to a recommendation to the board of directors for expulsion. A member also may be expelled for causing the credit union a loss, for illegal activity, for non-participation, for behavior that is considered unacceptable, or for cause.


Expulsion of a member must be acted upon by the credit union’s board of directors at a duly called meeting, and the affected member shall be given 14 days advance written notice that such action will be deliberated and decided upon at said meeting and the basis for expulsion shall be explained. The member shall have the right to appear at the meeting to present any information the member wishes to have the board consider in acting upon the proposed expulsion. The credit union has sole discretion to determine the manner of appearance (i.e., via telephone, video conference, or in-person).

If the expulsion is approved, the expelled member shall be given written notice within 14 days of said action. The member will also be notified that all accounts in their name will be closed.

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