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Scare Up Some Savings!

3 Ways to Slash Your Spending This Halloween

From costumes and candy to decorations and party favors, Halloween expenses can creep up unexpectedly and give you a fright when your bank or credit card statement arrives. The good news? You’re not defenseless when the Halloween Splurge Monster attacks. These three tips can help you fight back and keep your wallet safe!

Do it yourself

It takes a little extra planning, but the rewards of making your own Halloween costume and decorations can go well beyond the money you save in doing so. Turn your Halloween planning into a fun and memorable family project by getting creative this year. Whatever your skill level, there’s plenty of inspiration and instruction to be found online — and you’d be amazed what you can pull off with supplies you might already have around the house, such as face paint, paper mache, old clothes, and fabric scraps.

Share and share alike

Want more variety in your candy bucket, but don’t want to break the bank (or have a zillion leftovers)? Need a few googly eyes, but not all 500 that come in a pack? Organize a spooky swap party with your friends, neighbors, or parent group! Bring extra costumes, candy, decorations, or craft supplies — whatever you have to share — and ask others to do the same. For extra fun and inspiration, take it to the next level and construct your DIY masterpieces together too!

Shop late to shop early

With the money you save by crafting and collaborating, you could even get a jump start on outsmarting next year’s spooky spending demons! Prices on decorations and costumes drop off sharply after the holiday, which means it can be a great time to snag some great deals on must-haves for next year. Better yet: Who says costumes are just for Halloween? Consider starting a “costume closet” and adding to it year-round with fun items like wigs, masks, and thrifted clothes and props. Then mix and match anytime for school plays, costume parties, spirit week, and more!

The information provided is general in nature and may not apply to your specific situation.

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