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7 Budget-Friendly Earth Day Tips

Go “double green” to save money AND the environment

There’s no time like Earth Day to commit to making environmentally friendly choices — and why not save a little cash while you’re at it? Here are seven money-saving ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Buy less

One great way to save money while protecting the environment is simply to buy less. By keeping extra purchases to a minimum, you’ll not only avoid unnecessary spending, but also help conserve resources that would otherwise go toward producing, packaging, and shipping those products.

Walk or bike

There’s no time like springtime to leave the car at home and enjoy a refreshing walk or bike ride on your way to work, errands, or social engagements. You’ll be helping to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, while also saving money on gas and giving your body a workout.

Go paperless

Reduce paper waste and clutter by opting for paperless statements, online payments, and e-receipts whenever possible. You’ll not only be doing right by the environment, but you could also end up saving yourself some cash — online autopay options often carry a discount, and you’ll also save on postage and potential late fees. Plus, with an e-receipt safely in your inbox, returns are easier than ever!

Bundle your errands

Need to stop for groceries, drop the kids at school, and pick up party supplies for an upcoming birthday bash? Don’t make three separate trips! Instead, group your errands into a smaller number of more efficient trips. It requires a little more planning, but you’ll save yourself some hassle — and some gas money — while reducing your vehicle emissions.

Drive green

Driving an old gas-guzzler around town doesn’t just contribute to air pollution, it also takes a heavy toll on your checkbook, especially with fuel prices on the rise. When planning your next vehicle purchase, consider a fuel-efficient vehicle to save on both your fuel costs and auto payments; MCCU’s EcoDrive™ financing offers an interest rate discount for many fuel-efficient SmartWay vehicles.

Don’t waste food

Throwing food away isn’t just a waste of money, it’s also hard on the environment. Even if you compost your food waste to avoid sending it to the landfill or garbage burner, it’s still a waste of water, fuel, and other resources involved in growing, processing, and shipping the food before it reaches you. Minimize food waste by planning your meals and shopping trips in advance to reduce overbuying, and make a point of freezing leftovers or getting creative with your cooking to use food that otherwise might end up in the trash.

Heat & cool your home efficiently

A lot depends on the efficiency of your home’s heating, cooling, and insulation. If your home is cold and drafty in the winter, or if your air conditioner works overtime in the summer, it may be time for an upgrade. Although energy-efficient choices sometimes cost more up front, they can help you save money over the long term by reducing energy waste.

The information provided here is general in nature and may not apply to your specific situation.


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