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National Telephone Day

The Indispensable Technology of Our Time

Over a century ago, in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell uttered the first words over what he called his “electrical speech machine.” Those words, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you,” traveled only to his assistant who was working in the next room, but now resonates worldwide. Bell’s breakthrough involved more than just the creation of a new device. It challenged the way we interact with each other and the world around us.

As the world reveled at the telephone’s initial capabilities, it didn’t take long for Bell’s “electrical speech machine” to evolve through the work of many others. From long distance calls, to pay phones, to mobile phones and text. The phone as we know it today, has become the indispensable technology of our time, providing more information in our hand that at any time in history.

As an innovative financial institute we embrace the evolution of our telephone and how it is rapidly evolving. We are constantly updating our tools and options to stay on top of the latest valuable technology to make banking with MCCU that much easier. By offering a mobile banking app, text banking services, CardValet and mobile wallet, our mobile friendly services provide so many wallet-friendly ways to bank on the go.

In honor of National Telephone Day, we encourage our members to sign-up for MCCU’s online banking and download our mobile app! With the smart features of mobile, there’s no need to slow down. It’s simple, secure and super convenient.

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