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Super Bowl Party Playbook on a Budget

Score Big for Less on Super Bowl Game Day!

You’ve been drafted to host this year’s Super Bowl party. While a lot of fun, it can also get expensive and time-consuming if you don’t plan it right. Check out our playbook for game day party tips that will win over the crowd without breaking the bank!

Pregame Potluck: Don’t make a rookie mistake by purchasing and preparing all the food on game day. Invite your guests to be part of the action by celebrating potluck style. Ask everyone to bring their favorite game day dish that will make the fans go wild!

Play. Pass. Punch: Instead of buying beverages in individual cans or bottles, consider preparing a game day punch. Find a favorite drink recipe and purchase your ingredients in bulk.

BYOB: Let your guests know a signature game day punch will be available for consumption, and invite them to bring their own beverage should they want to drink something different.

Huddle up for some pregame fun: Bring the sportsbook to your living room with these free printable “Super Bowl Scorecards”. Before the game starts, have each guest fill out their predictions for how the game will go. Will the National Anthem be longer or shorter than 2 minutes? Will the coin toss be heads or tails? As you watch the game, keep track of the correct answers. At the end of the night, total up how many predictions each guest got correct and award the winner with a fun football themed prize! We recommend the DIY Lombardi trophy.

Create your very own Lombardi trophy for CHEAP: All you need is a foam football, a floral vase, and a can of metallic spray paint.  Chances are you have some or all these items available at home already. If not, we recommend stopping by your local dollar store. Check out how a DIY Lombardi trophy can be made in three easy steps!

DIY Lombardi Trophy - Before Photo
DIY Lombardi Trophy - After Photo

Take a timeout with Super Bowl sundaes: Super Bowl sundaes on Super Bowl Sunday? We can’t think of anything more fitting. Kids and adults alike will enjoy making their very own ice cream creation. Go for the gallon-size tub of ice cream and purchase fun toppings that are on sale.

Score an extra point with fun party favors: Thank everyone for coming to your Super Bowl party by sending them home with a Super Bowl ring. We recommend Ring Pops®, individually packaged candy creations that come complete with a wearable plastic ring and a large hard candy “jewel”.  Check out your nearest big box store today for purchase.

We hope you were able to take some ideas from our Super Bowl Party Playbook. Enjoy the game and may the best team win!

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