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5 Ways to Save Money This Thanksgiving

Don’t gobble up all your cash hosting a knockout Thanksgiving dinner!

Here are 5 ways to fatten up your wallet, without sacrificing the trimmings.

Keep it simple

Rather than buying enough food to feed a small army, make your menu simple. Don’t feel like you have to serve five different options for each course, but rather stick to the basics.

Host a potluck

A great way to cut your costs on Thanksgiving dinner is to ask your guests to bring something to share with everyone, such as drinks, an appetizer or their favorite side dish. Not only will this distribute the economic burden among the Thanksgiving table, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with family and friends.

Make your decorations

There is no need to spend lavishly on table accents. Instead, get creative and make your own table décor out of items you may already have or better yet, with natural elements you can find in your own backyard…for free! Natural decorations such as small gourds, pinecones and leaves can make a festive centerpiece. For a bit of inspiration check out photo sharing sites like Pinterest for ideas.

Use Coupons

There are many coupons to be had, and Thanksgiving brings out the most of grocery coupons. So grab the weekly ad, download your favorite coupon app, and look for peely coupons on products in-store and viola, extra savings instantly!


Volunteers are desperately needed to help out on this important day. By volunteering, not only would you skip all the buying, cooking, and cleaning, but you’d get to help others and be reminded how truly blessed your life is.

“If you are grateful for everything, then whatever you have is enough.” – J. Baadsgaard

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