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6 Ways To Save On Fishing Gear

Fishing on a Budget

Fishing gear has come a long way over the years. Advances in materials and technology have led to unprecedented success on the water for many anglers.

Unfortunately, these breakthroughs tend to come with increased costs, making it tough for anglers on a budget to save money fishing with the latest gear.

Whether you’re fishing on a budget or just want to be more cost-effective in supporting your fishing habit, here are 6 ways to save on fishing gear.

Only Buy What You Need

Although very basic, the best way to save money while fishing is to only buy what you need. With millions of baits, rods and reels to pick from, it can be easy for a die heart fisherman to splurge. Therefore, shop with purpose and only buy what you truly need.

Shop Online

While there are tons of deals to be had in-stores, most often you will find the best deals online. Shopping online makes comparison shopping easy, finding the best deal on what you’re looking for. If you prefer to make your purchases in-store, make a copy of the lowest price you found online and present it at the check-out, as most big box stores will price match.

Replace Your Line

How well you treat your fishing line will ultimately determine if you land the catch of the day or bemoan the one that got away. Therefore, replace your line at least once a year to avoid missing your big catch or losing expensive lures. Fishing line can be damaged by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as well as over time. By replacing your line at least once a year, you’ll be able to land a dandy and save on less lost lures.

Re-Tie Often

Losing lures is an unfortunate (and expensive) reality of fishing. It’s going to happen, but retying frequently will minimize the number of baits you lose due to wear and tear on your line. If you can reduce the number of break-offs by 10% in a season, you’ll effectively be saving 10% on your tackle costs.

Store your equipment properly

Storing your equipment properly can add years to the lifetime of your gear. Make sure all of your fishing gear is thoroughly dry before putting it away. Gear stored wet can cause mold or even rust. So to avoid replacing your gear each year, keep your equipment in dry storage.

Shop Fall Closeout Sales

In the fall retailers are getting ready for hunting season and need more space. Most retailers will offer high discounts on fishing and tackle to make room for other merchandise, and to clear out old inventory making room for next season’s new gear. Therefore, shop fishing gear in the fall to stock up on lures, rods, reels and apparel. In many cases, the prices offered at fall sales are some of the best you’ll see all year.

Bottom line, fishing is expensive. The more you save, the more time you can spend fishing!


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