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Pay Back a Friend Day

It’s Pay Back a Friend Day!

Don’t let money cost you a friendship, and pay them back today!

When it comes to money and friends, things can get weird. We can all agree this one question is the ultimate friendship killer: “Can I borrow some money?”

It’s no surprise that owing money or being owed money can put a serious strain on a friendship. Sadly, more than 50 percent of American’s have seen a friendship end over money owed. That is where Pay Back a Friend Day comes in, for your chance to settle up debt and be friends again.

At MCCU we make Pay Back a Friend Day that much easier with Zelle®.

Zelle is a convenient way to send money right from your mobile banking app or online banking account. No writing checks, no running to the ATM- you can access Zelle directly from your MCCU online banking account. Best of all, it’s fast, safe and secure.

So whether you’re ready to pay or be paid, today is the day to make sure you don’t let money cost you a friendship. Instead, make your friendship last with Zelle.

MCCU will never request that a member transfer funds to another party or to themselves. Be aware of scams.

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