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    Online Banking


    New Online Banking and Mobile App FAQs

    New Online Banking FAQs

    Why is Online Banking Changing?

    As our members need change, it is important for us to be able to provide them with products and services that exceed their expectations. Our new online banking service provides ease of use and is able to adapt to the varying needs of our members.

    What's New?

    The next generation of online banking will still have several of the features that our members expect and rely on:

    • Bill Pay
    • Popmoney
    • Live Chat
    • Online Account Opening and Loan Applications
    • Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Deposit

    Our members will also have access to new services through online banking that we could not offer before:

    • Online banking and mobile banking are one program providing a consistent user experience
    • Improved login security
    • Fingerprint authentication and Face ID for mobile banking
    • Customizable home screen
    • Faster alert notifications
    • Spending and budgeting tools
    • External account transfers
    • Ability to manage your external financial accounts
    Is online banking mandatory?

    Online banking is not mandatory, however online banking is a great resource for you to manage and check on your accounts between statements.

    Will this new online banking service cost me anything?

    The new online banking service is free, the cost for additional services like stop payments and Popmoney will stay the same.

    Will I need to re-register if I already use online banking?

    You do not need to re-register if you are currently an online banking user.

    Will my online banking service be interrupted when this change happens?

    Due to the upgrade of our system, online banking and our mobile app will be unavailable Wednesday, Oct. 24. We apologize for any inconvenience during this brief outage. Access to online banking and our mobile app will resume with the launch of the new platforms on the morning of Thursday, October 25. 

    Previously scheduled transfers through online banking and bill pay will still occur, but you will be unable to schedule new payments and use bill pay during this time.

    You can still make transfers in-branch, at an ATM, or through Audio Response Teller at 1-800-528-2477.

    How can I learn more about the new online banking service?

    As we get closer to the release date, we will be posting additional tutorials and demos to our website so you can familiarize yourself with the new look and layout.

    New Online Banking - Access FAQs

    What will I have to do to use the new service?

    You do not need to re-register if you are currently an online banking user.

    1. First time sign-in to the new online banking service: 

         a. From a computer go directly to:

              i. Do not use the link that is saved as a favorite.

         b. From a mobile device, update your existing app, prior to signing in.

              i. This is a new version of the original app.

    2. You will sign in with your current user ID if your current user ID is 5 characters or longer.

         a. If your current user ID is 4 characters or less, we will be contacting you prior to the update to assist you with changing your user ID.

    3. The first time you enter the password, you will be authenticated and prompted to create a new password and updated security questions.

         a. (password requirements)

         b. Your new password will be good for 1 year unless it is forgotten or changed by you.

    How secure is the new online banking?

    The new online banking is as secure as doing transactions in a branch. The difference is that you are doing the transaction yourself.

    How can I reset my password?

    Changing your password is easy! Simply click “Forgot your password”. Using call back or text authentication, you will reset your password in the time that it takes receive a text and respond. Entering an incorrect password five times will restrict your online access and you will need to call: 800-296-8871 or stop by a branch to have your access restored.

    What do I do if I try logging in and it says I am locked out or restricted?

    For security, your online access is restricted or locked if you haven’t logged into online banking within 180 days or your password was entered incorrectly too many times. If this happens you will need to call: 800-296-8871 or stop by a branch.

    New Online Banking - General FAQs

    How do I do a stop payment on an ACH?

    ACH stop payment can be done by calling us at: 800-296-8871 or you can stop by a branch.

    Can I do a stop payment online?

    You can do stop payments on checks online.

    Can I view my accounts from other financials?

    When using our Spending and Budgeting tools you will be able to view your accounts from other financials.

    Can I reorder checks online?

    You can reorder checks for your checking accounts online. The first time you order checks for any checking account, you will have to order by calling us at: 800-296-8871 or you can stop by a branch.

    Can I download my account activity?

    You can download your account activity to a spreadsheet and export it to a program like Excel or Quicken, as well as others.

    Can I see the checks that I have written, online?

    Yes, you will be able to see images of checks that you have written when they are listed on the Account Activity screen.

    How do I view my account activity?

    You can view your account activity by selecting the account from the account tile and choosing “Recent Transactions” or selecting “Account Activity” above the tiles.

    Can I nickname my accounts?

    You can create your own nicknames for your accounts from the account details.

    Will I be able to see my pending transactions?

    Yes, pending transactions will be displayed within your account activity.

    If I use online banking can I still make payments and do transfers in a branch?

    Using online banking does not limit your ability to a use branch. Online banking is an added convenience for you to use in the way that meets your needs.

    Where can I see my account number?

    Account numbers are sensitive numbers; they are no longer displayed directly on the account screen. When you need access to your account number, you will still be able to see it on your statement, or you can call: 800-296-8871 or stop by a branch.

    Where do I find my e-statements?

    E-Statements are available from the “Accounts” menu within online banking. With e-statements you have access to your statements for years and can review and print them from home whenever you like.

    New Mobile App FAQs

    Will the mobile app change also?

    Yes, all you will need to do is update your existing app. The app will have a new look that is similar to that of the new online banking service. This will provide a more consistent experience, whether you are using the website or the app. More of the features that are available on the website will also be available through the app.

    Can I still use Text Banking?

    Yes, text banking can be set up from the online banking website or the app.

    How do I receive alerts?

    When you set up alerts through online banking you can choose how you receive them- either by phone or email. You can receive them by text or push notifications on your phone. Alerts will now be more frequent than once a day, providing a near real-time experience.

    How do I deposit a check?

    Checking account holders will see a tile on the main screen of the mobile app that says “Deposit a Check”. Select this tile and follow the instructions on how to endorse and complete your deposit.

    Can I use Fingerprint ID or Face ID?

    Yes, if your phone is able to use Fingerprint ID or Face ID, you will be able to enable these features from the mobile app.

    In the mobile app go to 'Additional Services' > 'Profile Updates' > 'Fingerprint Enrollment'.

    New Online Banking - Bill Pay / Popmoney FAQs

    Will I have to set up my bill pay payees and payment again?

    No, bill pay is not changing. You will still access bill pay through online banking, by selecting “Payments” or “Bill Pay.”

    Will I be able to access bill pay from the mobile app?

    Just as you do now, you will still be able to send bill pay payments to your existing payees using the bill pay feature. New payees are added by accessing bill pay from the online banking website.

    What is Popmoney?

    Popmoney lets you "Pay Other People" (POP) anytime, anywhere, using their email address, mobile phone number, or bank account number. There’s no writing checks or running to the ATM. It’s safe, secure, and convenient! Popmoney is accessed through our bill pay service.

    What do I do if I entered the wrong payment information in bill pay or Popmoney?

    If the payment has not been sent but is scheduled to be sent, you can change it yourself from the bill pay website. If the payment has been sent, call us at: 800-296-8871. We may have different options, depending on the status of the payment.

    New Online Banking - Transfer FAQs

    What are the different types of transfers?

    Transfers – transfers between your accounts at the credit union (e.g.: a transfer to one of your loans) would also be considered a payment.

    Unlinked Account Transfers – transfers from your account at the credit union to another member’s account at the credit union

    External Account Transfers – transfers from one of your MCCU accounts to your account at another financial institution


    Will I have to set up my auto transfers again?

    Only business accounts will have to reconfigure transfers.

    Can I still transfer to an account that is not mine?

    With unlinked account transfers you can still transfer to another MCCU member’s account. You will need to re-enter their MCCU account number the first time you make the transfer in the new online banking service.

    How long does it take for transfers to be available?

    Transfers to your other MCCU accounts or to unlinked MCCU accounts are available immediately. Your external transfers may take two to three business days to be received by the other financial institution.

    Can I transfer money to someone elseís account at another financial institution?

    You can use bill pay or Popmoney to send money to someone else. With bill pay you can send them a check. With Popmoney they can choose where to receive the money. You don’t need their account number.

    Can I manage and pay my credit card online?

    Manage and make payments to your MCCU card at:, if it is managed by élan. You can also make payments to other credit cards using bill pay.

    Can I make a payment to my loan at MCCU, from another financial online?

    Making a payment to your MCCU loan online from another financial is done by signing into the web payment center. The web payment center is located on our website on the “Personal” or “Business” tabs under “Online Services. Click on “Online Payment” to register. This payment option has a fee of $12 per payment. For other options or to setup automatic payments, call us at: 800-296-8871 or stop by a branch.


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