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    Tell Us Your 'Why' Winner Spotlight


    Where there's a "Why", there's a way!

    As a presenting sponsor of Grandma’s Marathon, we conducted a ‘Tell Us Your ‘Why’ Giveaway’ for a free entry for Grandma’s Full Marathon along with a marathon prize package. Erin Homan was our lucky winner and here is 'Why' she wants to run Grandma's Marathon…

    “I began running several years ago after taking a long time off as a young adult. I have run dozens of races including one full marathon. I told myself I would do a marathon every 5 years after I was finished with the first as it took too much time from my children while training and gave them time to grow. 5 years is 2018 for me, and I have yet to register for a marathon as I have suffered severe back pain off and on over the last 2 years. After many months of therapy and spinal injections, I had a surgery on my lumbar to repair a herniation in my disk. Since the surgery I have been walking/jogging/running 3-8 miles a day to get back up to my pre-pain/pre-surgical endurance and I am doing very well. Grandma's marathon was my goal race this year, and I would love to be able to run this race in 2018 and meet my 5 year goal. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!”

    After one month of training, we thought we’d check-in.

    Tell Us Your 'Why' Winner Spotlight - Erin Homan

    Here is what she had to say…

    “I am very excited to be training for Grandma's Marathon. My training photo is from 04/11/18, the temperature was chilly but not too cold, about 44 degrees at 7:30 pm, a slight breeze and there was some light drizzle. It was a great run, and I am looking forward to getting in a couple more before the impending snow sends me back to the treadmill.”

    Her motivation to run

    “When I started running it was because I was motivated to become healthier and stronger mentally. Everything I wanted was achievable because I trained hard, relentlessly even, and it felt good to meet my goals and crush my best times and longest distances. Once I met my goals I started to feel like I did not have motivation, therefore I did not run as often, and it affected me in my physical and mental health. I had to find new motivation. When I started putting on the miles again, it was a way for me to process my thoughts and work through problems or celebrate my successes, but months later after my back injury which led to surgery, I was unable to run, take a class or lift weights for 3 months. I walked several times a day to keep my endurance up, but I just did not get the endorphins that I need to beat "the blues", especially in the winter. When my doctor finally released me from restrictions, I could not wait to put my running shoes back on and train for my next marathon, Grandma's Marathon, which has always been a goal of mine. Over time my motivation has changed, but as we adapt we need to re-assess what our true motivation is to keep us going.”

    She can't run without

    “I absolutely cannot run without music during my training. Music can set my tempo and push me to a faster time which shows during races when I get a PR. Although I am not fast compared to some, I am always progressing, which feels amazing. During a race, I may or may not listen to music, but I love to talk to other runners and give encouragement along the way to those that are struggling. When I do listen to music, either in training or during a race, my taste varies, I do love country music, but it is not uncommon for me to turn on some rock music or hip hop to get my pace moving.”

    Her quirky habit while running

    “Many people struggle mentally while running long distance, I know I do. But when I start to doubt myself and start thinking that "it hurts", I do a full body assessment to see what I actually think hurts. I start with my head, "does my head hurt, my neck, shoulders, NO I'm feeling good and loose" then my arms and torso, "my arms are tired so I'm going to shake them out, but I feel good, My lungs are strong, I'm getting enough air, I've got this." Then my legs and feet "my legs are strong, conditioned and prepared for the distance, my knees feel good, and my feet may have a blister forming, but it's nothing I haven't experienced before. I'm going the distance" And then I tell myself to get out of my own head and keep pushing. I am not sure if anyone else does this, but it helps me realize that the weakness is in my emotions not in my body. 

    I also have had many people comment that I have an odd stride. I tend to run on the balls of my feet, without putting my heel down (yes even for my full marathon I ran this way). To me it is normal, but many people ask how I can do it as it is strenuous on the calves. I find it funny because it is odd to other people, but I also have amazing calf muscles, so I can't complain.”

    A costume she would run in

    “I have participated in many races that involve dressing in costume. I have not always dressed the part, but I have on several occasions, and have learned a lot about convenience and comfort. A costume needs to be comfortable and not cause any chafing or affect my stride. I tend to go for simple costumes that allow me to run easily. I have had such costumes as a simple tutu with wings, swat officer and Police officer. But I would love to do something cute and creative like "Cindy Lou Hoo" or "The Bride of Frankenstein.”

    We would like to wish Erin and all the other runners the best of luck training! Keep up the great work, we look forward to cheering you on at Grandma’s Marathon!

    We’ll check-in with Erin next month to see how her training is going. 


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