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    National Savings Day


    7 Ways to Save Every Day

    Who needs a national "holiday" to remind us to save? Here are 7 ways MCCU can help you save every day!

    National Savings Day

    Savings Account

    If you don’t have a savings account, the best way to start saving is by having a secure place to keep your hard earned money. At MCCU we offer a variety of savings account options which provide easy access to manage your funds, and great saving rates to grow the money you set aside.


    A great way to earn more and save more, is with MCCU’s flexible, higher yielding investment products! Our Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a great way to save more than a traditional savings account. The more money you save, the more money you earn! Who wouldn’t want to earn more while saving? 

    Great Saving Rates

    With savings, comes interest, which is how you make your money. At MCCU our great saving rates make your funds grow faster. See for yourself, and check-out our great saving rates!

    Low Interest Rates

    At MCCU we offer a variety of credit card and loan options. From auto loans, to rec loans, to mortgage loans and more, our competitively low interest rates, will help you save on your monthly payments. Why spend more on borrowed interest, when you could be saving?

    Credit Card Reward Programs

    Enjoy the rewards with great credit card options through American Express and Visa! Make your spending count with a credit card reward program earning you cash back or travel rewards by using your credit card

    Online Banking Services

    The convenience of MCCU's online banking services will save you time. As the saying goes, “time is money.” With the convenient features of our mobile app and online banking, you can manage all aspects of your finances right from your smart phone. Whether you’re depositing a check via mobile deposit capture, checking-out more quickly using mobile wallet, paying other people more conveniently using Popmoney, or paying your bills on-time through online bill pay, the convenience of managing all aspect of your finances with the tip of your finger has never been easier. With the convenience of our online banking services, you can get back to doing what you enjoy doing, that much quicker.

    Membership Benefits & Product Perks

    As if our great rates and service weren’t enough, we also partner with providers to offer extra-special saving perks to our members! From discounted AAA service, to discounted Nickelodean Universe tickets, to Sprint phone plan discounts, to discounted Valleyfair tickets, and more. Whichever product perk you may use, will save you money.  

    So make every day a National Savings Day with MCCU. Every little bit of saving counts, so rather than looking for one big way to save a ton of money, save in lots of small ways and set yourself up for success.

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