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    Miijalisa Viele


    Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame - Miijalisa Viele

    It’s no secret, MCCU appreciates our employees and the hard work and dedication they provide. Today, we recognize Miijalisa Viele for her leadership and long-term commitment to MCCU. We are a better organization because of you, Miijalisa!

    Name: Miijalisa Viele

    Position: Mortgage Loan Originator

    Length of Employment: 24+ years

    Let’s turn the clock back to your beginning days at MCCU. What position did you first interview for? How did you learn of the position? What was your interview like? 

    I first interviewed for a teller position with the Cloquet Coop Credit Union. I learned about the position while making a deposit and conversing with the teller who was helping me. I told her about my current two jobs and the limited hours I was receiving. She responded that the credit union was hiring for a teller position at their branch; I applied for it soon after.

    What is your favorite MCCU memory?

    My craziest memory is the story of the runaway dumpster! As scheduled, our garage collector came to empty our work dumpster. After they drove off, the dumpster started rolling down 7th Avenue E, across to 4th Street, and down to 3rd Street - never once hitting a car along the way! What a sight it was to see everyone looking out their front windows and then running to the back windows to see where the dumpster was going to end up!

    What are three work-related facts about you?  

    1.) My first job was at Betty’s Pies in Two Harbors. I worked there the summer after my Great Aunt Betty had sold it. 

    2.) I went to school for Fashion Management. Note: I did not like working in clothing stores, and I still hate shopping for clothes.

    3.) During my 24 years at MCCU, I have held five job positions.

    How has the financial world changed since you first started at MCCU? 

    Everything has become so technologically advanced. This includes efficiencies with paper filing, the account opening process, the wait time on debit card production, and loan approvals.

    What items would you place in an MCCU time capsule to be opened up 100 years from now? 

    I would add the old hand-swipe Visa card printer for cash advances, the receipt/savings booklet printer, and dye packets.

    What story would your colleagues share about you? 

    One day, at the Miller Hill branch, there was money flying around outside in our parking lot. I saw a lady trying to pick it up, so I went outside to help her. As it turns out, the cash had just fallen out of a guy’s pants while running away from another bank - he had just robbed their location! There were dollar bills flying all over our parking lot, drive-up, the ditches, and Central Entrance. The cops appreciated our efforts in helping gather the funds.

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