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    Kathlynn McConnell


    Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame – Kathlynn McConnell

    It’s no secret: MCCU appreciates our employees and the hard work and dedication they provide. Today, we recognize Kathlynn McConnell for her leadership and long-term commitment to MCCU. We are a better organization because of you, Kathlynn!

    Name: Kathlynn McConnell

    Position: Director of Learning and Development

    Length of Employment: 13+ years

    Let’s turn the clock back to your beginning days at MCCU. What position did you first interview for? How did you learn of the position? What was your interview like?

    In 2007, I applied for the brand-new Corporate Trainer position. At that time, we had about 75 team members, and what drew me to apply was the fact that MCCU valued the growth and development of their humans, enough so that they created a specific position to guide this process. At that time, a corporate trainer position was very rare for an organization of our size. I interviewed initially with Pam Grover who was the VP of HR at the time. I made it to the second round of interviews and was asked to give a “training” presentation to the entire Exec Team. I was so nervous! My voice shook and my knees were so wobbly that I could barely stand. But, I survived the experience (and so did they), and here we are today.

    What is your favorite MCCU memory?

    I have a bazillion favorite memories from my journey here at MCCU. Most of which include observing team members experience aha! moments that contribute to their growth and development. I do have to say, one of my most memorable moments was when the Marketing Department asked to record employees doing the Floss Dance for our Members’ Floss Friday post on the MCCU Facebook page. I had an aha! moment myself: I can floss. I can dance (sort of). But as hard as I try, I cannot floss dance! There’s proof of that on our Facebook page. My kids saw the post and STILL give me grief about my form and dance abilities (or lack thereof).

    What are some work-related facts about you?

    1.) I have a never-ending supply of chocolate that I freely share.

    2.) I have a passion for engaging people in the learning process.

    3.) I absolutely LOVE my job and sharing joy!

    How has the financial world changed since you first started at MCCU?

    I love how MCCU is such a proactive and innovative organization! For instance, 13 years ago, I could not deposit a check from my couch wearing jammies and slippers.

    What three items would you put in an MCCU time capsule to be opened up 100 years from now?

    The three items I would put in an MCCU time capsule to be opened in 100 years would be 1.) a colorful L & D paper handout (because I am sure paper will be a thing of the past at that point), 2.) a squishy training Koosh ball, and 3.) my MCCU mask (I sure hope COVID-19 will be a memorable historic moment by then, and no longer a viable virus).

    What story would your colleagues share about you?

    It is my hope that my team members would say that they felt valued, listened to, and engaged during interactions with me. I truly care about EACH person here at MCCU, and I am honored to walk alongside them as they learn and grow.

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