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    • Use the form below to contact us directly for general questions or to provide feedback. Please do not include member numbers or account numbers. If your need is urgent, we invite you to contact us by phone at: 800-296-8871 or stop by any of our office locations.

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    Is MCCU going to remain open?
    As a financial institution, MCCU provides essential financial services, therefore we have made the adjustments necessary for us to continue serving our members/owners throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to the best of our ability.

    Which branch locations are currently open and what are the hours?
    For a current listing of branch drive-thru locations, including availability and hours of operation, please visit: If you plan to use a drive-thru, please have your photo identification available. This will help​ reduce wait time and allow us to process your transaction faster.

    Are you going to be extending your hours?
    At this time, we are providing service during our normal drive-thru hours, with the exception of our BlueStone branch, which is operating drive-thru from 9-5 PM, Monday-Friday.

    When does MCCU anticipate the branch lobbies will reopen?
    It is critical that we balance the safety and health of our members, staff and the communities we serve with our obligation to provide members access to their funds as well as our products and services. We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and take guidance and recommendations from national, state and local health agencies. As soon as it is safe for our members, staff, and communities, we will resume normal operations. Please check MCCU’s website and social media posts for up-to-date information.

    What types of transactions can I complete through mobile and online banking?
    Mobile and online banking offer many of the same services available in a branch location, including the ability to transfer funds, pay bills, make mobile check deposits, place travel requests and more, from the safety of your home. Visit: for more information.

    What types of transactions can I complete through video banking?

    The MCCU Video Banking service is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Using video banking from a device with a compatible browser or our Video Banking app, you can perform the following services:

    1. Become a new member!
    2. Apply for a new loan [car, boat, unsecured, line or credit and more]
    3. Open a new savings, checking or CD
    4. Apply for a new mortgage loan
    5. Apply for a business/commercial loan
    6. Ask questions about your current accounts and loans
    7. Get help enrolling in online banking
    8. Set up autopayments or wires
    9. Check if we can save you money by transferring a current loan here

    For more information on how to access video banking, visit:

    If I qualify for the Skip-a-Pay option on more than one loan with MCCU, can I skip payments on each loan?
    Yes, you may be eligible to skip up to two payments on each qualifying loan in a twelve-month period. To expedite processing, we ask that you work with our staff to determine eligibility and apply to skip a payment at least three days before your next regularly scheduled payment due date.

    What types of loans are eligible for the Skip-a-Pay option?
    The Skip-a-Pay option is available for most closed-end personal, vehicle, boat, motorcycle, and recreational loans that are in good standing. For more information on eligibility and to apply, please contact: (218) 625-8600 to discuss your situation. ​

    How can I take advantage of Skip-a-Pay on my loan?
    To determine your eligibility for Skip-a-Pay, call us at: (218) 625-8600 and we will assist you.

    Is my money safe at the credit union?
    Yes, your money is safe. Your deposits – up to $250,000 – are federally insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). Additional deposit insurance over $250,000 is possible with proper account structure. Please reach out to us at: (218) 625-8600 for assistance. For your own security, consider using your debit card for everyday transactions, instead of carrying cash. If you prefer to use cash, we encourage only withdrawing the amount of cash you will need for the next three days or so, and not keeping large amounts of cash at home. ​

    Will the Reg D limitation of six electronic transfers per month from a savings account be removed?
    Unfortunately, because this is a limit driven by federal regulation, MCCU is unable to remove the limitation at this time. ​We have many options to help restructure your automatic transactions to further utilize your checking account, which allows unlimited transfers.

    How do I avoid COVID-19 email scams?
    Be skeptical about any unsolicited emails you receive during this time regarding COVID-19. For more information on avoiding fraud, please visit our website:

    Should I take my money out of my accounts? 
    Although we can understand the urge to withdraw funds, MCCU is a sound financial institution and can assure you that your money is safe in your account with the security of NCUA share insurance, and you will not lose access to your funds. Many businesses are no longer accepting cash as payment and require debit or credit cards for purchases.

    Can I still open a new account or loan?
    Yes, loan and account requests are still being taken by phone at: (218) 625-8600 or through video banking and online applications here.

    I lost my job and am worried I will not be able to pay my bills. Can MCCU help me? 
    MCCU is committed to working with our members/owners to try to minimize any financial burden that the COVID-19 situation has presented. Please contact us directly at: (218) 625-8600 or use MCCU Video Banking to discuss your options.

    This is my first time using the drive-thru. How does it work and what do I need to provide? 
    Follow branch signage to direct you to the drive-thru station. Use the available “cassette” (canister) to send in any checks, cash or cards as well as a photo identification. Please activate the call button to request assistance from our team members.

    Am I able to walk up to the drive-thru for business? 
    Because your safety is important to us, we prefer you utilize our drive-thru by means of a vehicle.

    How much cash can I take out in the drive-thru?
    The limit is $2,000.

    How can I get something notarized?
    You can call our branch services team at: (218) 625-8600 to schedule an appointment.

    Can I still send a wire?
    You can call our Member Solution Center at: 1 (800) 296-8871 (option 4), our branch services team at: (218) 625-8600, or use our convenient Video Banking service to request a wire.

    How can I get a new debit card?
    You can call our Member Solution Center at: 1 (800) 296-8871 (option 4), or our branch services team at: (218) 625-8600, and we will arrange to have a new card issued to you.

    How can I request a stop-payment?
    You can put a stop-payment on a check through our online banking system. For all other types of stop-payment requests, you can call our Member Solution Center at: 
    1 (800) 296-8871 (option 4).

    How can I get copies of my account statements?
    You can access your statements online using online banking. You can also call our Member Solution Center at: 1 (800) 296-8871 (option 4) or visit one of our drive-thru locations.

    How do I get a cashier’s check?
    You can call our Member Solution Center at: 1 (800) 296-8871 (option 4) or visit one of our drive-thru locations.

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